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Nextiva SIP Trunking

Business phone service for every organization

All the basics

SIP Metered Plans

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SIP Unmetered Plans

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Cost savings

Save money while growing your business

Significantly decrease your company’s communications costs by adding SIP trunks to your existing PBX equipment with instant deployment in the cloud. Instantly convert traditional phone system to IP-based communications. Enjoy all-inclusive pricing that eliminates per-minute and per-trunk charges. Keep your existing PBX equipment and incur no capital costs.

Omni-channel solutions

Communicate on every channel with Contact Center

With Nextiva Contact Center plans, voice, email, and chat are managed and administered in one portal to eliminate siloed voice and non-voice interactions. Interactions for all channels are stored together, eliminating the need for multiple tracking tools.

Powerful automations

Maintain business continuity

Nextiva brings you much more than a business phone service.

Route your calls to alternate numbers, regardless of their system
Utilize automatic call rerouting, load sharing and failover procedures
Instantly burst your service response in the event of high call volume

Complete scalability

Scale your communications as you grow

As the size of your company and call volume changes, adjust SIP trunks as needed to support local, toll-free, long distance and international calls.No limitations for the number of trunks or lines you can add. Gain feature-rich HD quality phone service with messaging and video. Easily port your number and information from your previous provider.

Easy administration

Use AudioCodes Mediant ® (E-SBC) to integrate with any PBX

This hardware solution also includes a Power over Ethernet switch to connect SIP-enabled phones for use in a blended SIP trunking environment. With the AudioCodes SBC, you can easily convert your traditional PBX phone system to IP-based communications without having to purchase costly new equipment. Up to 100 maximum signaling sessions. TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, SSH, client/server encryption & authentication. Interoperability for full SIP transparency. Easy administration & management.

All-in-one communication platform

Add more products to add more power

Combine Voice with other Nextiva products to grow their impact exponentially. Collect data at every touchpoint across the system, trigger powerful workflow automations, gain insight that everyone in your organization can leverage, and build amazing relationships with your customers.

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