In House Synchronized Clock System

Wireless Time Synchronization Trusted by Over 16,000 Customers Worldwide

With Primex clocks and timers, you can trust the accuracy of every clock throughout your facility. Adding our Smart-Sync™ Bluetooth® low energy technology system, or our unique 72MHz broadcast frequency system, our platforms seamlessly synchronize every clock in your facility. With a variety of style and power options, plus dedicated project managers to ensure smooth installation, Primex is the choice worldwide for synchronized time solutions.

Smart-Sync Analog Wall Clocks

Smart-Sync™ Analog Wall Clocks


Uncomplicated and easy-to-install clocks networked through Bluetooth® wireless technology
Smart-Sync Analog Wall Clocks

Smart-Sync™ Digital Clocks


Uncomplicated and easy-to-install digital clocks networked through Bluetooth® wireless technology
Smart-Sync Analog Wall Clocks

Digital Message Board


Features a programmable scrolling message and synchronized digital clock.
Primex Synchronized Clocks

System Features


Two Wireless Synchronization Platforms

Manage your synchronized clocks through OneVue, which now leverages Bluetooth® wireless technology, or our proprietary 72MHz transmission frequency to transmit the time signal.

No More Hardwiring Clocks

Our synchronized clocks can be powered by batteries, AC power, or through your facility’s Ethernet (PoE), allowing for easy installation even in your oldest buildings.

Choose from Variety of Clock Styles

From classic wood, to bright LED and sleek metal, Primex has the clock styles to complement your facility. Need a custom clock dial? Add your logo to any synchronized wall clock.

Automatic Daylight Saving Time Changes

Primex wireless clocks automatically resynchronize after Daylight Saving Time shifts and power outages, saving hours of manual labor and slashing maintenance costs.

Proactive Maintenance Reporting

With our OneVue system, a daily report will notify you if batteries are low, signal is lost, or a clock is not synchronized, to allow you to proactively correct the issue.

Secure, Cloud-Based Software

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), stripped of time-consuming workflow and maintenance, and loaded with time-saving features, OneVue is truly the best-in-class time synchronization system.

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