Ascom Myco 3

The Healthcare Smartphone

Ascom Myco 3 is built for the on-the-job realist and the methods of working nurses and clinicians, as well as the demanding environment of healthcare

Telligence ™ VoIP Nurse Call Platform

Nurse call and clinical workflow are increasingly interconnected. The Telligence Nurse Call System from Ascom is designed to streamline communication between patient and clinician, improve quality of care, and enhance patient satisfaction

Powering Connections

Complete business communication solutions for every need with a wide range of innovative desktop devices and applications.


Powering 2 billion business connections every day

Midmark RTLS Hardware

With Midmark RTLS (real-time locating system), you can automatically collect valuable data to fuel improvement in your organization. Midmark RTLS badges, tags and sensory networks are designed to work in the background, communicating locations of people and equipment—accurately, automatically, all the time. With RTLS, better care is within reach.

CareHawk Safety Communications

CareHawk is a comprehensive line of safety communication systems for buildings, facilities, and campuses
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