Telligence® Patient Response System

New developments in healthcare call for a fresh approach to nurse call systems, and that’s exactly what the new generation of Ascom Telligence provides. In fact, it is so innovative it constitutes a new category of healthcare communications: the Ascom Patient Response System. The following features and benefits explain why.


  • Streamlining staff communication and collaboration: Ascom Telligence starts with efficient management of tasks and calls, enabling staff to easily view and track calls while helping to ensure prompt responses with minimal steps.
  • Clinical workflows at the patient bedside: Ascom Telligence patient centric workflow solutions help caregivers spend more time at the bedside. A press on a bedside station gives direct connections to colleagues. Requests, updates and alerts go directly from the patient room to labs, pharmacies, administration, security, and more.
  • The voice of the patient: Ascom Telligence gives patients a strong, reliable voice. Stand-alone speech modules make it easy to quickly connect patients to their caregivers, where ever they need assistance. Patients can control their environment such as blinds, TVs, radios, lighting and information systems. Patients can select a specific service request to help reduce response times and improve satisfaction.
  • Ascom Telligence up close. The DNA of a Patient Response System

    The fluid, dynamic nature of modern healthcare renders conventional nurse call systems inefficient. For instance, frontline staff just don’t have the time to walk and assess individual service calls. What staff need is a system that supports mobility that lets them communicate with patients and assess their needs while on the move.


    Patients have similar needs. They need to feel connected to their mobile caregivers. They need systems that make it easy for them to communicate their needs. They need to feel some sense of control over their immediate environment.

    Ascom Telligence addresses these and other issues. It connects patients, staff, clinical data, support services and medical devices. It helps simplify and smoothen communications and workflows between all the many actors involved in frontline care. The result? Better collaboration, more satisfied patients, and the best possible use of resources.

    Improve care communication and collaboration with Ascom task management

    Ascom Telligence greatly simplifies handling of patient to staff requests, eliminating the need for staff to write notes to each other. With Ascom’s task management capabilities, staff can initiate requests from any Ascom device which include the staff console, Ascom Unite View or mobile phones.

    Product Downloads

    Telligence Nurse Communication System Brochure

    The next generation of nurse call is here. in fact, it is so innovative it constitutes a whole new category of healthcare communications: the Ascom Telligence Patient Response System

    Ascom Telligence Room Devices Product Sheet

    Ascom Telligence room devices are peripheral devices and modules that help enhance staff efficiency and support patient safety measures.

    Ascom Telligence Staff Devices Product Sheet

    Designed for caregivers, the all-new Ascom Telligence staff devices from Ascom are among the most intuitive and flexible available.

    Ascom Telligence Patient Devices Product Sheet

    Ascom Telligence patient devices range from basic single-button nurse call devices, to multi-button devices that combine nurse call functionality with TV, radio, window blinds and lighting controls.

    Ascom Telligence Corridor Devices Product Sheet

    Ascom Telligence corridor devices streamline communication, simplify workflows and enhance patient safety by providing clear information to caregivers.

    Ascom Telligence Control Devices Product Sheet

    Ascom Telligence control devices provide and regulate power, communicate data, and supervise the Ascom Telligence system. But there’s more.

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