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Nextiva Contact Center Solutions

Business phone service for every organization

All the basics
Call Center


  • Unlimited Call Queues
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Intelligent Call Distribution
All the calling features
Call Center


  • No Setup Fees
  • All Pro Features
  • Queue Management
Multi-Channel Features
Contact Center


  • Customizable Reporting
  • Analytics-Driven Routing
  • Call Backs
Fully Loaded
Contact Center


  • All Contact Center Pro Features
  • Omni-Channel Interactions
  • CRM Integrations

Scalable & efficient

Improve deployment speed

Instantly access enterprise-grade contact center solutions and quickly scale to respond to fluctuations in activity volume without changing your infrastructure settings. Maintain efficient staffing so your customers don’t remain on hold. Provide automated call-back and responses to your incoming callers, chats, and emails. Increase your first contact resolution through advanced routing options.

Omni-channel solutions

Communicate on every channel with Contact Center

With Nextiva Contact Center plans, voice, email, and chat are managed and administered in one portal to eliminate siloed voice and non-voice interactions. Interactions for all channels are stored together, eliminating the need for multiple tracking tools.

Complete visibility

Utilize a flexible staffing structure

Nextiva’s management system allows you to monitor and modify your employees’ communication, regardless of where they are located. Route incoming calls to employees based on agent or team skill sets. Staff based on customer demand and route overflow calls to external agents. Monitor call volume and flow through your dashboard and activity reports.

Modern mobility

Manage your communications from anywhere

Utilize the NextOS unified communications online dashboard to instantly monitor the pulse of your business throughout the workday.

Manage your dashboard on any internet browser or mobile device. Identify bottlenecks, availability issues, and employee productivity. Manage all of your incoming and outgoing communications with one simple click.

Fiscally a no-brainer

Experience dramatic cost savings

With minimal upfront costs and flexible pricing, companies of any size experience dramatic cost savings with call center phone service in the cloud. Use your existing devices to reduce office hardware requirements. Blend your on-premise and virtual agents to minimize rent expenses. Nextiva’s hosted contact centers don’t require complex equipment.

Popular features

Everything you’d expect, and then some

To run a world class contact center

Automatic Routing

Route calls/chats/emails to the right queue
Route based on agent skill
Route based on priority

Quality Monitoring

Ensure quality with call recording
Monitor real-time agent performance
Generate historical performance reports

Interactive Voice Response

Route calls intelligently
Send reminders and surveys
Database lookups and outbound dialing

Real Time Analytics

View real-time call activity
Generate historical reports
Make better, faster decisions

Track All Interactions

Help customers faster
Increase efficiency
Chat/voice/email in one place

Remote Agents

Create virtual agent pools
Remote agents can log in from anywhere
Monitor activity and performance

All-in-one communication platform

Add more products to add more power

Combine Voice with other Nextiva products to grow their impact exponentially. Collect data at every touchpoint across the system, trigger powerful workflow automations, gain insight that everyone in your organization can leverage, and build amazing relationships with your customers.

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