Unite Messaging Suite

Integrated workflow intelligence that connects people with mission-critical information

Ascom Unite seamlessly links mission-critical systems with mobile communications. It delivers intelligent integration, advanced messaging, and system management in one unique, powerful package. Ascom Unite extends the reach of these systems to mobile devices to optimize communication for mobile work teams.


Most companies make huge investments in information technology, which often improves the effectiveness of their primary processes, but the benefits of these investments may not be fully realized due to bottlenecks and gaps in information flow. Ascom Unite integrates with multiple information systems including building management, fire alarm, clinical systems, medical health record systems, location-based systems and dispatch systems to enable an improved and integrated worflow environment.

Advanced integration

Reliable and seamless interoperability

An end-to-end approach to clinical integration differentiates Ascom from other providers by ensuring highly effective interoperability between multiple components. Ascom Unite provides flexibility, a reliable performance and seamless interoperability.

Increased collaboration

Increased access to patient information and care teams

Caregivers, more than ever, need to be highly mobile to deliver the best possible patient care. But being mobile creates special challenges as caregivers may not have ready access to information and team members. Ascom Unite enables increased collaboration through mobile voice, secure messaging and access to mission-critical information.

Mobile communication

Keep patients & care teams better connected

By extending patient event notifications to mobile devices and supporting call-back to patient rooms, staff can react more quickly to events that require immediate attention. Your care teams and patients stay better connected enabling a more consistent care environment.

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