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Sound Masking Systems

Cost Effective Sound Masking Solutions
Qt Pro Sound Masking is an affordable and effective solution to help organizations across multiple industries protect speech privacy and reduce distractions of nearby conversations and other noises.

How Sound Masking Works
By emitting a uniform, barely perceptible background sound to virtually any workspace, the unobtrusive, air-flow like sound has been engineered to the same frequencies of human speech to mask or cover distracting or confidential conversations. QtPro Sound Masking is powered by patented direct-field Quiet Technology from Cambridge Sound Management. Small Qt Emitters are placed in the ceiling tile and provide 180 degrees of sound dispersion.

Where is Sound Masking used?
 Corporate: Open office, private office ,conference rooms 
 Healthcare: Patient rooms, waiting areas, reception areas   
 Hospitality: Guest rooms, lobby areas, spas 
 Government and Law: Secured facilities, courtrooms, law offices 
 Technology:: Engineering labs, co-share spaces, design studios 
 Finance: Call centers, retail banks, board rooms 
 Education: Research laboratories student centers, libraries 
 Venues:  Houses of worship, conference centers, airport lounges


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